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My name is Peter Oliver and I set up as a Professional Photographer in 2012 and trade as Oliver And Daughters Fine Art Photography. 

I am father to three lovely daughters & I play Jazz, Folk & Blues guitar and love to cook for large family gatherings.  

I have always had a love of water - be that a river, a stream or dipping my toes in the sea (whilst eating an decent Italian Ice Cream!)

I enjoy the challenge of finding details that pass others by. I am drawn to details such as Flaking Paint and Rust and I am fascinated by the Fishing Fleet in the destinations where I take my girls on holiday. Yes the boats of the fleet are sea worthy but there are errors - rust spots/ paint blemishes, holes and patina's that add to their beauty. The same is true of the infrastructure around them. Many of the tractors that push and pull the boats up and down the beach have been subjected to the full force of the elements and so have become even more beautiful to those who look closely.

My love of art also comes through in my work. Traditional landscapes are captured for their outstanding beauty & the moment they hold in my families heart. I can also see the beauty in much smaller abstract forms that equally speak volumes.

Some would say my split Gemini personality appreciates Constable and Turner whilst my other side is channelling Rothko, Barnett Newman & my hero Aaron Siskind!

I enjoy being a member of: The Royal Photographic Society, Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society & Kingston Artists Open Studios (KAOS) and regularly exhibit my work.

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I look forward to hearing from you and building a lasting relationship!

Kind regards.